Leveret Fitted Striped Pajamas

Best Budget-Friendly Pajamas for Women

Why people love it
  • Soft material
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Colorful designs match kids’ pajamas from the same brand

The pajamas run small, so order a size or two bigger than usual.


Fit: Leveret advertises these PJs as a fitted set, so expect them to hug your body snugly. If you like baggy sleepwear, order a size or two larger than you usually buy. Ribbed ankle cuffs keep the pant legs from riding up when you sit down, but some wearers may prefer a looser fit around their ankles.

Fabric: It’s hard to find pajamas that are made from 100% cotton, as many of them feature a poly/spandex blend. These striped PJs are made from nothing but cotton, and numerous reviewers rave that the material reminds them of a comfy T-shirt. Sleep.org says that cotton pajamas typically don’t irritate sensitive skin, and we agree that this is true. These don't make us itch the way wool or rayon pajamas sometimes do.

Maintenance: You can clean these jammies in the washing machine as long as you turn them inside out first and use cold water. Make sure to tumble dry them on low to minimize shrinkage.

Price: These cotton pajamas only cost around $25, which is a steal compared to other PJs on our list.

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