Lettering: in Crazy Cool Quirky Style

Best Christmas Gift for the Teenage Girl that’s Quirky and Crafty

Why people love it
  • Super exciting set
  • Lovely gift idea
  • Makes for hours upon hours of fun

There’s a lot here to keep the crafty girl going for awhile, and there’s instructional book too.

Make sure to take a close look before ordering; it’s not what every buyer had expected.


We love that this set includes a lot more than super fun stencils. It comes with colored pencils, markers, practice paper, sticker paper and more. There are ten different styles of lettering to choose between with this set and an informational booklet too.

Lettering goes well on just about everything, but if your teen is more of a textile fan, this crocheting kit has everything a young gals need to get going. There’s no reason to limit the imagination; this book features a new craft for every day of the year. Any quirky, crafty teen will dig these ideas.

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