Lenz Products Heat Sock 1.0

Most High Tech Heating Socks

Why people love it
  • Extend battery life and adjust heating settings right from your smartphone
  • Stay warm and cozy with these wool and synthetic blend socks
  • Longest-lasting battery life on the market

Temperature controlled via Bluetooth, connect your socks to your smartphone, very warm blend of fabrics, moisture-wicking, good ventilation, rechargeable batteries, good battery life, three heating settings, durable

Very pricey, quality control issues



Be warned: these are NOT active or sports socks. While they're thin enough to be used outdoors, the heating elements aren't designed for active use. You're better off using them indoors, in your walking shoes, or under your business clothes. They're slim, lightweight, and comfortable, and will keep your feet VERY warm.

The socks are made from a blend of 49% polyester, 29% polyamide, 7% polypropylene, 7% merino wool, and 5% elastane. The synthetic fibers offer good breathability and elasticity, but the wool will keep your body heat trapped nice and close to your feet. The socks are quick-drying, reduce sweating, and are beautifully useful for outdoor and indoor use.


The heating element uses an RCB 1200 lithium battery pack rather than regular batteries, which actually helps to extend the lifespan of the batteries surprisingly well. You get up to 14 hours of use before needing to recharge the battery in these socks.

The great thing about these socks is that they are Bluetooth-enabled and can be controlled via your Android and iOS smartphone/devices. You can adjust the three heat settings from your phone, turn them on/off easily, and program a few basic settings to ensure maximum performance. If you're looking for fancy wearable tech, these are your top choice!


At $300, these are the priciest pair of heating socks you'll ever own! However, aside from a few quality control issues, you'll find they're also the most reliable, high-tech pair you can use—perfect for staying toasty warm over the winter.

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