Lelo Siri 2

Most Innovative Vibrator

Why people love it
  • You get to orgasm to your favorite music
  • Fun to play with
  • Waterproof

According to Healthista, the Lelo Siri “responds to any sound, be it your playlist, your partner’s voice, your voice, singing in the shower…” How’s that for innovative (and fun!)?

Some women don’t find this to be a powerful enough vibrator. So if you typically require lots of pressure, skip this.


Noise Level: Since this one works alongside whatever music you’re listening to, I don’t know that the noise level really matters.

Stimulation: We’re talking external stimulation here.

Strength: For many women, this’ll be more than enough power than they need.

Special Features: It vibrates in sync with music. Waterproof. Compact.

Price: Deffffffinitely expensive, though you are getting a vibrator that plays (with you) in tune with your music (or your partner’s voice).

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