Lelo MIA™ 2

Best Discreet Sex Toy for Women

Why people love it
  • Small, discreet vibrator that resembles a tube of lipstick
  • Charges via USB
  • 5 different vibration settings

Whether you’ve got roommates, live with your parents, or worry about your partner hearing your private moments of pleasure, this discreet sex toy ensures you can take a moment for yourself without getting caught.

Some customers say the vibrations aren’t powerful enough—which is a common complaint when it comes to vibrators since everyone is different. If you need a stronger vibrator, take a look at these vibrators instead.


Solo or Duo: Lelo actually calls this one of their favorite beginner sex toys for couples. If you’re going to get something so discreet though, we figure you might as well keep it all to yourself.

Stimulation: Wherever you want it, though you’ll probably use this for direct clit stimulation.

Strength: There are five different settings, so play around with these to find one that works best for you.

Special Features: This one charges via USB, so you don’t have to worry about burning out batteries too quickly.

Price: Lelo’s products are expensive, but this one isn’t too badly priced in exchange for what you get (i.e. discreet pleasure).

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