Lelo HUGO™

Best Gay Sex Toy

Why people love it
  • Remote-controlled
  • Great for solo play or couples
  • Variety of speeds and settings

There is one main issue men have with this. Some men have said this isn’t totally hands-free as the massager has a tendency to fall out. If you’re planning on buying this, be sure to review the specs so you’re aware of how big and long it is (if you have an idea of what sort of sizes work for you already).


Solo or Duo: Both! And since it’s remote-controlled, it would definitely be good if you want to get someone else involved.

Stimulation: This goes straight to the prostate.

Strength: There’s a whole lot of variety in terms of settings and speeds, so strength is a matter of preference here.

Special Features: The remote control is especially helpful when it comes to a sex toy that can sometimes be difficult to maneuver if you don’t have a long enough reach to do it yourself.

Price: Lelo’s one of the most well-known sex toy manufacturers out there and there’s a reason for it. That being said, they’re also one of the most expensive too. The price tag on this one’s no laughing matter.

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