LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Building Kit

Best Christmas Gift for the Boy that Loves His Lego

Why people love it
  • Kids love it
  • Super fun to assemble
  • Great product and a great gift

This is an interactive Lego set with mini characters, weapons, and storage for spring-loaded shooter ammo.

What could be wrong with this? It’s Lego and it’s Star Wars.


You just can’t go wrong with this gift if your little guy likes Star Wars or Legos. And you’ll definitely win if he likes both. This is just one of the coolest building sets of all time. No doubt. Your guy can act out scenes from The Force Awakens or just enjoy the way it looks on the shelf.

The set is recommended for anyone over eight, but the biggest fans will appreciate it even younger – as long as they have some help. If he’s anti-Star Wars (how?), you could take a look at this Minecraft set. And, this fire truck is just the thing for younger lads that feel the urge to build.

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