Why people love it
  • It's shaped like Darth Vader (what's not to love?)
  • alert is loud enough to wake up heavy sleepers without being annoying
  • User-friendly unit that's great for children

Perfect for kids and Star Wars lovers, built in alert is nice and loud, LEGO arms and legs are adjustable, and easy to set up and use.

Snooze button can be hard to press--Vader must be in sitting position.



If you have a kid who loves LEGOs (or you, as a grown man, are unashamedly a LEGO fan), this is the device for you! It's designed in the shape of Star Wars' biggest bad-ass, and yet it's a fully functioning alarm clock that will wake up even deep sleepers. Despite its high volume, the beep of the alert isn't grating or annoying. Kids will love the fact that the unit lights up red (like his lightsaber) when the snooze button is pressed.


The arms and legs are fully mobile, just like any other LEGO figurine. Your child (or man-child) can play with Vader, provided they return the figure to a sitting position--the only way the snooze button, located on Darth's head, will work. Be warned: futzing with the arms and legs may make it hard to return the figure to standing position. The alert is easy to set, and though it doesn't have many extra features, it's a reliable device.


$20 isn't too high a price to pay for unique and funny clock--after all, it's Darth-freakin'-Vader! The 9-inch tall unit will be a fun purchase for kids or grown-ups who love LEGOs and/or Star Wars.

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