Legit Camping Double Hammock

Best Christmas Gift for Campers

Why people love it
  • A breeze to get set up
  • Good quality fabric, seams, and rope; very durable
  • Can handle two people, up to 400 pounds!

Nylon straps only work on small trees - too short for larger.


Details: For extra comfort, this is a must-have on all camping trips!

The double hammock can support the weight of two people—up to 400 pounds at a time—and it's wonderfully roomy. It's designed to roll up and fit in its accompanying sack, which also carries all the straps and carabiners needed to hang the hammock. Set-up is a breeze, and you'll find the military-grade nylon fabric can handle a lot of regular use. Men who love the outdoors will definitely find this comes in handy.

Price: $34 for a durable, high-quality, uber-comfy hammock? That's definitely an investment worth making if you camp two or three times a year.

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