Legendary Whitetails Buck Camp Flannel

Best Gift for a Dad Who Needs New Clothes

Why people love it
  • Thick fabric keeps dad toasty on cold days
  • Comfortable fit
  • Quality design and construction

You can’t bleach this shirt, so keep that in mind if dad likes to get dirty.


Why he needs it: It’s a proven fact that 99% of dads love flannel shirts. Okay, we made that up, but we regularly see dads of all ages and backgrounds rock flannel button-downs. Hipster dads, skater dads, country dads, suburban dads...they all wear flannel shirts.

This shirt is made better than the thin, cheap button-downs found at some retailers, and it has a double-pleat back that doesn’t restrict movement. The adjustable cuffs let dad customize his comfort and warmth on cold days.

Price: Prices vary, but expect to spend an average of $40 on this comfy, cozy shirt.

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