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ToiletTree Products LED Fogfree Shower Mirror
  • Perfect for men who need to shave when they shower
  • Good build quality; excellent customer service
  • Doesn't fog up EVER

No fogging, shatterproof mirror, with an LED light to make shaving easier. It also includes suction cups to stick onto wall.

Reviewers report that the LED lighting is indirect.


Features: The perfect shave requires a little more than a razor and water. Give your man the gift of a perfect shave every time with this fog free shower mirror. It's designed to keep the mirror fogless no matter how much steam fills the bathroom!

All he has to do is fill the reservoir with hot water before each use for a fog-free setup, every time. The mirror is easily secured to the wall with removable, soft silicone adhesive. The frame adjusts quickly for multiple users and angles and lighting creates the essential bright setting.

It delivers quality LED illumination to give him a clear view of his face as he shaves, and the high-quality glass is shatterproof.

Price: $40 isn't a lot to pay when you consider that you're giving him a mirror that will ALWAYS make his shave a little bit easier.


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