LED Fishing Knitt Beanie

Best Christmas Gift to Stuff into Your Teenage Boy’s Stocking

Why people love it
  • Bright LED lights
  • Warm hat
  • Affordable, great gift

Watch the sizing, and perhaps opt for a larger size. The batteries don’t last forever


Details: Stocking stuffers have become more important in the modern world where everything under the tree seems so serious or useful; this beanie is a chance to inject some fun back into the holiday. And, yet, it’s quite a useful gift too. Who can’t think of a moment when a lighted beanie could’ve made all the difference?

But, if you’re not into it (or you know your teenage son won’t be), this tricky dogs novelty item is loads of fun. And, every teenage boy wants to fling these screaming sock monkeys across the room. You know they do.

Price: Best of all is the price of this quality stocking stuffer. At a price under $10, this hat makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

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