Leatherman Wingman Multitool

Best Multi-Tool Overall

Why people love it
  • Perfect balance between price and quality
  • Above-average quality of steel used for the tools
  • Simple and user-friendly

Doesn't have as many features as other multi-tools.


Features: If you're looking for a multi-tool that delivers but doesn't break the bank, the Leatherman Wingman is worth a try.

You can't help but love the one-handed opening, and the tools slide in and out with ease. The spring-action pliers are among the best of any multi-tool. The knife blade is solid, built with 420HC Stainless Steel that can handle a lot of regular use and still hold an edge. You get 14 quality tools—not as many as other feature-rich multi-tools, but more than enough for use around your home, office, or on the road.

The multi-tool feels nice and solid in your hands, and weighs just over half a pound. It's compact enough to fit into your pocket, but the accompanying nylon sheath makes it easy to attach it to your belt. If you want to carry it in your pocket, the pocket clip keeps it within quick reach.

Price: $40 isn't too high a price to pay for this bad boy! With 14 tools, this isn't the most versatile of the multi-tools. However, it's the best overall because it combines reliability, durability, and affordability into one highly useful tool.

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