Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Best Pregnancy Pillow Overall

Why people love it
  • No need for multiple pillows
  • Madkes pregnant women happy!
  • Natural shape supports head, hips, back, and tummy

Reviewers refer to the Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow as the mother of all pregnancy pillows. This best selling pregnancy pillow was designed by a mom and follows the natural curves of the pregnant body. The Snoogle also includes a removable cover that comes in six colors, making it convenient and easy to wash. 

This pillow is big and somewhat bulky. So, if you have a bed smaller than a queen, you might want something smaller. 


The popular Snoogle is the best overall product on our list. The Snoogle is perfect for any mom, but don't just tabe our word for it. The mommy vlogger behind the Youtube channel Two New Parents, loves the Snoogle just as much as we do and uses the pillow nightly. She says, "I've used this for two pregnancies now and it really makes all the difference in getting a good nights sleep."

Shape and size: The Snoogle was uniquely designed to follow the natural contour and shape of your body from head to toe. It is a horseshoe shaped pregnancy pillow that wraps around you like a snake. This 5ft long pillow hugs your front and back while you curl up inside, resulting in heavenly support. The extra long midsection is the perfect width for back or tummy support. While the slightly curved end tucks snugly between the knees as it conforms to your body’s shape. The best part? You no longer need multiple pillows. 

Material and filling: This pregnancy pillow is filled with high-quality hypoallergenic material. The filling consists of 100% polyester fiber making it super cozy. The Original and Basic Snoogle cover is made of 65% polyester/35% cotton blend. However, Snoogle also makes: The Chic, which is 100% cotton; The Chic Organic, which is 100% organic cotton; and The Chic Jersey, which is 100% cotton jersey. Of course, these will cost more than The Original or Basic, but they feel a lot cozier. 

Features: As if the choices of materials weren't confusing enough, it's about to get a little more confusing - so pay attention closely. The Basic Snoogle (which is the cheapest option) has a non-removable cover. Be warned, this will be a pain to clean. The Original Snoogle comes with a sham-style removable cover. But, many moms say this cover is a struggle to remove and do not recommend it. So, we recommend going with The Chic, The Chic Jersey, or The Chic Organic because not only are they made with higher-quality materials, but they come with a zippered removable cover. 

Price: You've probably already noticed, but this is an expensive pillow. While it may be hard to justify spending more than $50 on a pillow and cover, think about how great it will be when you can finally sleep through the night again. Since you can't put a price on a good nights sleep, you shouldn't let a few extra dollars deter you. We promise you won't be disappointed with this purchase. 



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