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Le Donne Leather Multi Pocket Mens Bag
  • High-quality leather
  • Plenty of room and pockets
  • Makes a great gift
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This messenger bag doesn’t look at all like a girly purse. It might, however, be mistaken for a camera gear bag. In addition to the two inner compartments, the adjustable strap has a minimum drop of 22 inches.

Unfortunately, the strap is sewn into the bag (although only at one end). This makes replacing the strap impossible; well, at least more expensive than replacing the bag itself.


This leather messenger bag for men is a perfect size for a man bag - and doesn't look like the same one everyone else has. It works for guys that have some stuff… but not that much. You know, the efficient sort of folk that are always prepared. There are a lot of clear bonuses with this bag from the sturdy soft leather construction and 3 exterior zip pockets to the fact that you get to choose between three shades of leather.

And, not only will the Amazon reviews make you fall in love with this bag, but it gets seriously positive reviews on eBags too. No matter where you look, people are falling in love with this unconventional messenger bag. 

What’s it made of? This is one of those genuine leather bags - made from Colombian cowhide at that. And, we have to love that (especially as it still sells for less than $100).

Can you close it fully? All of the exterior pockets zip closed. No more scrambling after the cables that fell out of your bag as you peddle to work.

What’s the largest laptop or tablet it can hold? This isn’t big enough for a shiny new Mac. Sorry. It will, however, fit tablets up to 10.5” by 7.5”. Along with that, there is a lot of space for keys, phones (unless you’re rocking a 1992-sized cell phone – we’re not here to judge), wallets, and all the other little bits you carry around with you.

Can you wash it? You can wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it. But you really can’t throw it in the machine…because it’s leather.

Will it break the bank? The MSRP sits at $135. You, however, will not pay that. You’ll pay somewhere under $80. And, that’s a steal for the quality you get.

What Reviewers Say: You won't be uncertain about this bag when you read what reviewers have to say about it. Seriously.

  • As a hospital doctor who refuses to wear disgusting lab coats which spread bacteria to all my patients, I need something to carry all my gear. I've been through about five or so bags over the years, and this is, by far, the best one.... It doesn't look like a girly purse. It looks more like a camera or gear bag. I'm not vane, but I don't want to look like a woman either.
  • Truly excellent, top of the line quality bag. I'm concerned that I'll lose it, so I'm going to order another just in case. I repeat: EXCELLENT!
  • I use this bag every day and I get tons of compliments on it. It has pockets for everything I carry: Kindle, iPhone, wallet, keys, checkbook, etc. I bought a shoulder pad for the strap and it goes with me everywhere. It is not feminine at all--looks a little like a camera bag--the leather is beautiful and it's not very heavy. I would buy it again in a minute.

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