Le Creuset Signature 11.75” Skillet

Best Cast Iron Cookware to Splurge On

Why people love it
  • Most users can’t give a single reason for falling in love; they just do
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Solid skillet from a remarkable brand

The large loop helping handle makes it easy to lift this skillet and it’s dishwasher safe (though read the full review for notes on that). This skillet comes pre-seasoned and in a range of colors.

It’s super pricey and rather on the heavy side.


If you want superior cookware, ideal for searing, frying, and more, you’ll want to take a close look at this French brand. It’s that good – even though the price will scare you. This is quality that you pay for, but you can easily recognize as soon as you work with it. It’s gorgeous and you’ll want to show it off. While not as old as Lodge, Le Creuset is an iconic brand that's committed to the idea that "the moments we share together in the kitchen and at the table are still the ones we treasure most."

We need to make a note on the cleaning and pre-seasoning, though. The manufacturers suggest it is fine to tuck into the dishwasher and it is. But, you will need to occasionally re-season the pan if you do so. That’s just the nature of the cast iron beast. However, it does take awhile to get to this point and we’ve found that the easier cleaning of the dishwasher is a real bonus in real households.

Shape, size, and weight? This 11¾“ skillet is round and it weighs 6.8 pounds. It will feel heavy in your hand, but it’s not the worst out there.

Enameled or pre-seasoned? The outer edges of this pan, including the handles are coated with an enameled color of your choice (and really, there are some beautiful options). The interior, flat cooking surface is bare, but well seasoned.

Suitable for all cooking surfaces? As with most enameled cookware, you don’t necessarily want to use it across every cook surface you have. You can put it in the oven and on the stove (any stove), but you will want to think twice before putting it on a campfire or the outdoor grill. Sorry.

What about pour corners and handles? This is where Le Creuset really shines over other brands of cast iron cookware. The handle is substantial and has a hanging hole. No shock there. But, the helper handle is larger than standard. That makes it much easier to grip even when using oven mitts. And, the large pour corners are designed for slop-free draining of whatever you’re cooking. We love that. A lot.

Range options? The options are endless and designed to fit into just about any kitchen. Take, for example, the choices of blue between Caribbean and Marseille and you’ll get an idea of color. There are also Dutch ovens, griddle pans, and more. Truly, you could stock your entire kitchen with this brand if you can afford it.

Will it break the bank? Yes. Well, a single skillet at $200 isn’t going to completely do you in. But, as soon as you become addicted to Le Creuset, you will need to begin saving like mad.

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