Layrite Cement Hair Clay

Best Hair Clay for Men with Longer Hair

Why people love it
  • Amazing hold
  • Lovely, clean smell
  • Washes out easily

Not only does this hold and hold all day, it’s easy to wash out and comes at a reasonable price.

Some users find this to be a little on the greasy side. But it’s difficult to find many other serious complaints.


There’s a lot of reasons to recommend this product and not much going against it. Indeed, the list of positives is long and the drawbacks are limited. Okay, if you have short, thinning hair, this is going to be too strong for your needs. But if you have any length and you want real volume, you may not have another choice. Okay, that’s not strictly true – there are other styling products that will help you, but they will also add a dose of shine that you may not want.

We do want to warn you about the thickness of this product; it does take some work. And, if you’re working with dry hair, you may have a more difficult time spreading it the way you want. Most men find that towel-dried hair is the way to go – with or without a hair dryer. Either way, you’ll probably need a comb to tame it into place.

Now for the strange part, this isn’t really a clay as much as it is a wax that behaves like a clay, with all the gorgeousness of the matte finish that you’re after. There are plant and animal based waxes in here (you know what lanolin is, right?), but we’re not rushing to take this out of the clay category.

Surprisingly, it washes out easier than most clays – especially given the mix of ingredients. You won’t battle to get it off your hands or out of your hair. And, it offers a surprising ability to restyle if you want to, though you will need to put a little effort into that.

Need another plus? It’s surprisingly affordable. So why isn’t it higher on the list? Well, besides the tough competition in this group of styling products, it’s really not for everyone. We’d bet it packs more punch than most men really need.

Hold: Wow, this is strong. Not, perhaps as strong as the Uppercut, but it is easier to work with and that means you can actually achieve some serious volume if you want it.

Texture: This is one of the thicker, denser clays on the market. It may take a little work to get it out of the container. Hint: heat helps; if it’s still sealed, run it under hot water for a bit. Otherwise, never let it get cold.

Application: You can use this on dry hair or damp hair; you’ll get a little more shine with the latter, but not that much, it really is quite matte. It’s more difficult to spread in dry hair, but if you’ve just used the hair dryer, you’ll find the product behaves nicely with the heat. Also, you’ll know you have the right amount when it starts to feel a little sticky.

Duration: All day and all night – as long as you’re not dancing till dawn.

Washing ease: Given the mix of ingredients, we’re a little surprised at how easily it washes out. Now, the directions say rinse, but we think that’s a bit of a stretch.

Scent: Expect a strange vanilla-playdoh smelling hair clay. Doesn’t seem like it should be masculine, and we certainly aren't saying it is, but many men find themselves enjoying the scent.

Key ingredients: It’s a strange combination of ozokerite (earth wax), beeswax, lanolin, and petrolatum. It doesn’t have any parabens and it certainly seems to get the job done, but it’s a little difficult to figure out why it washes out so well.

Size: It’s a massive 4.25 ounce container; there’s no way to hide it on your bathroom counter or your airline carry-on.

Price: Wow – what an amazing price. You’ll get a lot of product for somewhere between $16.50 and $19. The average price works out to less than $4 per ounce for a hair clay, that’s actually one heck of a deal.

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