Why people love it
  • Oscillation provides consistent heat output
  • Looks beautiful and blends in with home and furniture
  • Really well built

Is it surprising to you that Lasko makes the best space heater overall? Not really. These guys know how to make high-quality heating units—and this one also happens to make for a beautiful addition to your home.

Many people complain about the remote control not being great, although it really is just value-added. The unit itself is easy enough to operate. Just be mindful of any issues with an odor or the plug fraying—the complaints are few and far between, but still important to be aware of.


Output: Per Consumer Reports’ review: “The Lasko Designer Series space heater is excellent at room heating and very good at bathing a person in direct heat.”

Efficiency: Customers love the energy efficiency of this one. Part of that comes from the timer functionality, so you don’t have to leave it running all day; only when you need it.

Safety: Comes with overheating protection. Since this sits on its own stand, you shouldn’t have to worry about it toppling over unless you’ve got super rowdy kids or dogs around.

Noise: The oscillating fan is very quiet, so you shouldn’t notice the sound of this heater much.

Price: In terms of what you get? This is a steal!

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