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Lasko #100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater
  • A great way for at-home and office workers to stay warm in winter
  • Tiny, fits on any surface
  • Energy-efficiency will keep your electric bill low

Super compact, surprisingly warm, cheap, convenient to use during cold winters, great for home and office use, 200-watt energy use, energy-efficient, fits on any desk or countertop, no assembly required, and 3-year warranty included.

Not as warm as larger heaters and no way to direct heat output.


Output: This heater is NOT designed for use on a large scale; it’s a personal heater that will heat up a very small space. If you work on a computer and tend to get cold hands, this is your top pick.

It sends the heat straight at your fingers to keep them warm during the winter. Though it doesn’t have the same heat output as larger space heaters, it’s hot enough that you won’t need to crank up your home heating system just to stay warm.

Efficiency: This little heater is designed for energy-efficiency, and its 200-watt output means decent warmth without sucking up power.

Safety: Not only is it compact enough to fit on any surface, the heating unit comes in a sturdy square shell that won’t fall or tip over ever, even when tilted at an angle. The ceramic heating element also comes with built-in safety features, including automatic overheat protection and auto shut-off.

Noise: It’s quieter than a portable fan, so it shouldn’t bother you as you work or nap.

Price: At $24, it’s not the cheapest of the personal heaters (you can find some as low as $15), but it’s definitely the best-built and delivers good warmth for your hands during the winter.


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