Lane Bryant Cooling Bra

Best Plus Size Cooling Bra Lingerie

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Why people love it
  • Designed to be breathable
  • Available in black, white, and mocha
  • Sexy yet flattering

Specially designed with microfiber technology, breathable cups, and mesh panels to keep air flowing. BBW rave about the effectiveness of the cooling technology and highly recommend to buyers.

Although do be aware that this piece runs several sizes large, so make sure to review the size charts before buying and select a few sizes down from what you normally wear. 


Color: Available in a variety of prints and solids.

Fabric: Created using breathable nylon, spandex microfiber technology, and recommends the product only be washed by hand.

Style: Although this is just another basic piece which can be paired with any style of panties, owners love the versatility of this product as it is both practical and flattering.

Fit: While the spandex fabric provides for a forgiving fit, this product does run several sizes large.

Price: This is a high end product that comes in at $54.50.

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