Lancôme Effacernes Waterproof Protective Under Eye Concealer Makeup

Best Waterproof Under Eye Concealer Makeup

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Why people love it
  • Lasts all day without budging
  • Soft matte finish brightens under the eyes
  • Creamy and soft to apply

This product has yellow undertones and can be difficult to remove.


This full coverage cream instantly eliminates all signs of blemishes and dark circles. An added bonus is that it's melt-proof which makes it the perfect product for sweaty summer months. 


This product feels light but packs some strength in the concealing department. The creamy texture feels great under the eyes and it's barely noticeable. It stays put all day and offers seamless, smooth and natural looking coverage. You can wear this stuff for 12 hours and it won't settle into lines or dry your eye area. Now that's impressive. 


We have mixed feelings about the squeeze tube, mostly because it can be hard to control how much product comes out. If too much is squeezed out, there is not really a way to save the product and it becomes wasted. Although the squeeze tube isn't the worst, it's not our favorite either.


At $31, the price of this product is about the same as its competitors. Our favorite products are the ones where a little goes a long way (mostly because it saves us money). The Lancôme Effacernes Waterproof is one of them - only a small amount is needed for each use.  

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