Lake Industries Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Best Budget-Friendly Alkaline Water Filter

Why people love it
  • Slim design fits easily in your fridge
  • Improves alkalinity of tap water
  • Cheap filter replacement

Makes tap water taste better, so you’re more likely to get the daily amount of water your body needs. Instant filtration process alkalizes water quickly.

Doesn’t filter out as many impurities as pricier models. No gauge or window to notify you when it’s time to change the filter.


Design: This is the slimmest alkaline water filter unit on our list, so it’s ideal for people with limited fridge space. Unfortunately, the lid seems to have issues remaining in place, so some reviewers have resorted to taping it closed.

The water pitcher comes with a 7-stage filter cartridge that works surprisingly well for its price.

Performance: The filter in this water pitcher is good but not great. However, it’s totally worth the cost.

The filter removes up to 90% of copper, lead, and other unwanted metals. That may sound like a lot, but keep in mind most other alkaline filters capture around 99% of heavy metals.

It also reduces odors and improves taste. Multiple reviewers say they love drinking tap water after running it through this pitcher.

Special Features: None, but that’s acceptable for a cheap alkaline water filter pitcher.

Life Span: Filters for this water pitcher last up to 12 months based on how often you purify your water.

Price: Typically between $35 to $40, so it’s perfect for water drinkers on a budget.

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