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  • Fast-absorbing
  • Ultra-light texture with a matte finish
  • Water resistant

La Roche-Posay is currently one of the industry leaders when it comes to sunscreen, so we really struggled to narrow down which La Roche-Posay product to include on our list. However, when our research led us to the Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Facial Sunscreen time and time again, we simply had to give it a try. And, boy, are we glad we did. This product not only provides skin superior protection from UV rays, but it's also super light-weight and non-greasy. Really, what more could you ask for in a sunscreen?

If you're looking for something natural, this product is definitely not that. And some users report that this sunscreen may stain clothes yellow, so beware.


Details: Named one of the best sunscreen brands by Consumer Reports, La Roche-Posay is a leader in UVA protection research, so you know this stuff has got to be good. This fast absorbing sunscreen features a weightless texture, matte finish, and broad spectrum SPF 60 advanced protection. It's suitable for all skin types and recommended by 25,000 dermatologists worldwide. So if you're looking for a sunscreen approved for daily wear and safe enough for even the most sensitive skin, you have got to give this stuff a try.

Ingredients: Formulated with Cell-Ox Shield XL antioxidant technology. It's also tested on sensitive skin, paraben free, and fragrance free. However, this stuff does contain a number of chemical ingredients including Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisalate, Octocrylene, and Oxybenzone. So if you're looking for something natural, this is not the product for you.

Price: At just over $22 for 1.7 ounces, this stuff is not cheap. However, if you're looking for something safe enough for daily use, even on the most sensitive of skin, this sunscreen is well worth the investment.

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