Why people love it
  • Beautifully crafted
  • Each Pakka wood handle comes in a different color
  • Well-balanced construction

Although the stainless steel blade is what gives this steak knife its strength, it’s the Pakka wood handle that truly turns this knife from La Cote into a thing of beauty. Overall, the craftsmanship on these knives is exquisite, with an ergonomic design and a large and well-balanced frame.

Be careful about buying these from unauthorized resellers. Many people on Amazon complained about receiving cheap or defective knockoffs.


Sharpness: You can’t go wrong with a Japanese stainless steel blade.

Feel: This is the true power of this knife. The blade itself is sharp and able to cut through meat just like you’d want it to, but it’s the support and easy grip of the handle that makes these babies worth the investment.

Price: They’re a little more expensive than your average steak knife, but you’re paying for the beautiful craftsmanship as well as the box they come in.

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