Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock

Best Smart Lock for Apple Users

Why people love it
  • Compatible with Siri voice control, Apple TV, and Apple HomeKit
  • Provides remote access from anywhere in the world
  • Excellent range of security features

ONLY compatible with iOS devices.


Design: This is a beautifully designed lock, with a sleek satin nickel finish and dark keypad that compliments the décor of your front door. The locking mechanism, however, is fairly simple—basic tumbler locks accessible by a key, no deadbolt.

Installation: Installation is incredibly simple; in fact, it's compatible with existing Kwikset locking systems as well as your basic door locks. It's designed to be a no-fuss lock that will take 10-15 minutes to install. You will need just a few tools and minimal expertise, thanks to the clear instructions.

Performance: This is where this particular lock stands out from other Kwikset locks. It's compatible with Siri voice control, Apple TV, and Apple HomeKit. It's a fully automated lock controlled by your iOS device (not Android, sadly).

It's Grade-2 Certified and comes with the features that make Kwikset such a great choice: SmartKey re-keying technology, auto-locking, an alarm that sounds when the incorrect code is input, and more.

Price: At $230, this is a VERY pricey lock! However, those who use Apple HomeKit and Apple TV will be accustomed to paying high prices for iOS-compatible devices, and this will be just one more addition to the Apple-controlled home security system.

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