Kwikset Kevo Convert

Easiest Smart Lock to Install

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Why people love it
  • Turn any deadbolt system into a smart lock
  • Compatible with most locking systems, even non-Kwikset locks
  • Gives you access via your smartphone/Bluetooth

Not yet available, release date TBA.


Design: This is a beautifully designed product, with a satin nickel finish that looks simple and elegant on your front door.

Installation: This is what makes this particular locking system so awesome: it's wonderfully easy to install. In fact, it's intended to be installed using your existing deadbolt. All it does is provide the electronic system to connect your smartphone to your regular deadbolt, making that basic lock a "smart lock" in a matter of minutes. The lock hardware remains the same—it's just getting an upgrade!

Performance: The Convert works with your Kevo app, but it's also compatible with other smart devices and home automation systems. It can be used by both Android and iOS smartphones—basically anything that connects to Bluetooth can access the lock and open it.

Price: At $150, this is a pricey addition to your home. However, given that it will take your existing deadbolt system and turn it into a smart lock, it's a great choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their security measures.

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