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Unlock your door with ease using this device, which allows you to use your Bluetooth device as a key. The Kevo boasts superior levels of military grade encryption to make sure your lock is as secure as possible.

Reviewers do not like paying an extra $1.99 per eKey.


Design: The Kevo has positioning technology to determine if you are inside or outside the door to prevent accidental entry. As an added security bonus the deadbolt passes most lock picking standards UL437, par 11.6 and bumpguard to prevent lock bumping.

Installation: The installation instructions are amazingly easy to follow, so as long as you stick to the instructions you should have no problem!

Performance: The Kevo might not look like a smart lock but it can still do it all. It can be controlled from an app that allows you to receive notifications and view lock activity. Access is granted through an eKey that can be sent to different people which allows either timed access or unlimited access. Included with the Kevo are 2 eKeys that have either unlimited access or scheduled and never expire. Additional eKeys can be purchased from the app at $1.99 each. For guests you get unlimited guest eKeys.

Price: Although this lock is one of the pricier options, coming in just under $200 plus an additional $1.99 per eKey, reviewers report that the flawless install and configuration make the lock worth every penny.

What Reviewers Say:

  • "I have had 3 of these locks running day in and day out at my own house, my parents house, and my office. They are working great! People still are amazed when I just touch the lock and enter my home. They have since updated to allow my Android phone to work with them so I don't carry the fob around anymore. It works about 95% on the first try, and the other 5% usually just requires a second tap(still quicker than getting out my keys). That is pretty good considered I am using it in 3 different types of environments. For people having issues I would say calibrating it is essential to ensuring a reliable operation of the lock."
  • "This lockset compares really well compared to traditional sets, both in terms of performance and price. In particular the bolt is of a decent length. The bluetooth ability, while for me was actually a bonus, works really well. To date I have yet to open the door with either the supplied keys and/or the fob. Admittedly it doesn't always open first time, but the 'techno' coolness is (currently) still enough for me to keep trying until it does."

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