Kwikset 916 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt

Best Smart Lock with Deadbolt

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Why people love it
  • Versatile; can set emergency code to let someone in the house 
  • Automatically locks after 30 seconds even if you forget to lock it
  • Locks with the push of a button

Easy to install on both left and right-handed doors, one-touch locking design, up to 8 codes, multiple security features, and highly durable. Z-Wave wireless access,

Door must be perfectly lined up, or lock struggles to open.


Design: The housing of the lock is built from sturdy metal, with a satin nickel finish (warning: the lock will weather/bronze over time). The lock housing is resistant to tampering, though some users have complained that the plastic interior components are less reliable. However, the durable materials used to make the deadbolt itself are designed to handle years of regular use. It's an excellent lock built to last.

Installation: Installation is very easy, and you'll find that this locking system is compatible with both right- and left-hand door handles. The extra-long screws give the lock added support and strength, ensuring that it sits snug in your door.

Performance: Worried that you forgot to lock the front door? No longer! This bad boy auto-locks after 30 seconds, guaranteeing that your home is secure no matter how forgetful you are. It's a one-touch locking system, with the ability to accommodate various users--up to 8 different codes at a time. It does require 4 AA batteries to operate, so you'd better stock up on a set or two of rechargeables. The back-lit keypad makes it easy to see what you're pressing even in dim light, and if you forget your code, there's a SmartKey re-keying feature to help you get in. 

It's also compatible with Z-Wave Home Automation technology, so you can connect it to all of your other automated devices (light switch, thermostat, etc.). It's fully accessible from anywhere in the world courtesy of your existing Z-Wave automation system.

Price: For just under $200, this is one pricier smart locks around. However, given its solid deadbolt and a reliable design, it's a product you can trust to keep your home safe.

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