Krieger + Söhne Premium Forming Cream

Best Men’s Styling Cream for Long Hair

Why people love it
  • Smells great (though, be careful as some don't like it)
  • Never crunchy or hard, just natural and soft
  • Fantastic hold that lasts all day

  • Holds up even through workouts, making it an option for even guys with shorter hair
  • The hold is perhaps the strongest out there
  • It’s never crunchy or greasy and carries a reasonable price tag
  • While the smell is one reason people love this product, there are those that don’t like it

When it comes to long hair for men, that can mean a lot of things. Some guys think their hair is long once it’s reached 6 inches, others wait to apply the shoulder as a measurement.

Your definition doesn’t matter much here, this styling cream does an amazing job with longer hair regardless, but guys with shorter hair can also use it as their go-to product.

One reason is that it holds up well under the elements - including your own sweat - making it great for workouts and outdoor activities.

Guys with both thick and thin hair experience the benefits of a long, strong hold - though we will admit that it does a little better with wavy hair than stick straight or super curly.

Now, the smell, which is the only reason you may turn away from this product. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but we strongly suggest looking at the notes below before you walk away.

The quality and control this cream offers is really too outstanding to dismiss this product outright.

Key ingredients: If you’re looking for a responsible styling cream, this is the one. It’s cruelty-free, contains no petroleum or parabens and it’s filled with ivy, burdock, and fenugreek extracts.

It does, however, have alcohol inside.

Texture and appearance: This is a light liquid cream with a consistency similar to American Crew's Forming Gel.

Application: All you need is a small amount and it’s probably best to work it through damp hair for a slight natural shine.

Scent: As this is the contentious facet of this styling cream, we want to be upfront about it. It smells like Pina Colada.

Now, some guys (and their girlfriends) can’t get enough of it, while others develop a strong aversion to it.

This is where we would like to point out the 100% satisfaction guarantee offered by the manufacturer. If you can’t get over the smell, you can return your styling cream.

Krieger + Söhne does have an excellent customer service department, so we think it’s worth the try.

Price: The MSRP is $14 for 4 ounces which works out to roughly $3.33 per ounce. We find this to be more than reasonable for a hair cream product.

It’s also available as a Subscribe & Save option to make it even more affordable.

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