Why people love it
  • Smells amazing
  • Hydrates and smooths, while eliminating frizz and dryness
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee

Krieger + Sohne produces "warrior grade" products, perfect for any man. They work great and smell amazing. Oh, and they're not tested on animals. And that feels good too, right? 

Though few reviewers had anything negative to say about this product, some users report that the design of the bottle makes it difficult to get conditioner out - which can be slightly annoying.


Performance: When selecting the best men's conditioner, it came down to Krieger + Sohne and Jack Black. Although we (as well as every men's magazine on the planet) really loved both, we went with Krieger + Shohne based on the stellar description and rave reviews. Plus, as an Amazon Bestseller described as the "oil of the gods," how could we possibly not choose this as the best conditioner for men? This conditioner truly has it all. It's lightweight, hydrating, soothing, and healing. Plus, it eliminates frizz and dryness, soothes the scalp, and reduces dandruff. Some even say this conditioner is so good it can eliminate stress and elevate your mood. Need we say more?

Scent: The formula of this conditioner is created using a variety of vitamins and amino acids and smells of rich peppermint oil. Men love the smell and say women are highly attracted to it as well. Effective and delicious. What more could you ask for?

Price: Another reason we went with K + S over Jack Black is because it was a slightly a better value per ounce. A 16-ounce bottle costs just over $17. So at just over $1 per ounce, we think this stuff is a great buy.

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