KOVOT 9-Piece Wine Tote and Picnic Set

Best Gift for the Wine Drinker

Why people love it
  • Amazing gift for wine lovers
  • Well-made, good quality
  • Room for wine and goodies

There are some quality control issues with the handle.


Why she’ll love it: If she loves her wine, she’ll need a convenient way to carry it to picnics, concerts, and anywhere else she finds a BYOB party. This lightweight tote is well-constructed and has space for 2 bottles of wine. It features a cooling pack which means wine can be served chilled even on the hottest of days. Inside, you’ll find 2x acrylic wine glasses, 2x wine glass stakes, 2x cloth picnic napkins, a corkscrew, and a bottle opener. It’s everything you need for an outing and makes an incredible gift.

Price: You actually can’t beat the price. This wine tote sells for less than $30 and has everything she needs – except the wine. (Hint: buy her a few bottles and wrap it all together.)

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