Koss PortaPro Headphones with Case

Best Mother’s Day Gift for Moms that Travel Often

Why people love it

  • Unbeatable value 
  • Amazing sound quality 
  • Good size and easy to store and transport 

There’s an amazing lifetime warranty on these headphones, which – true to advertising – offer a terrific bass sound. These are comfortable and collapsible and come with a carrying case. 

A few users report the pads wearing thin. 


Okay, these aren’t noise-cancelling headphones – and there are those that may find these over-ear headphones to be a little strange looking. But, they are absolutely incredible – especially given the price. The ear plates pivot for maximum comfort and you’ll find they’re easy to fold and carry, making them perfect for moms that travel but can’t stand the feeling of earbuds. And, really, we can’t stress the sound quality (and deep bass ability) enough. You’re going to want a pair for yourself.

Looking for alternative gifts for mom?

If the mom on your Mother’s Day shopping list already has a pair of traveling headphones, you may want to dish out some money on this Sofia Cashmere 100% Cashmere Cozy Travel Set with Blanket, Eye Mask, and Bag. It’s pure luxury, which you would expect for the $326 price tag. The set is available in grey and heather taupe and will make any flight feel like a treat.

Don’t have those kinds of funds? This cute SUCK UK Mini Cork Globe let’s mom stick a pin in the globe at every destination she’s visited – or hopes to see someday soon. There are two sizes available (it’s $55 for the smaller size), and pins are included.

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