Kopack Laptop Backpack

Best Christmas Gift for Business Travelers

Why people love it
  • Sleek, lightweight, and ideal for minimalist travelers
  • Super secure; can't be opened easily, so less chance of theft
  • Fully rain-proof

Theft-resistant, shock-proof, lightweight, TSA-friendly,  fits most laptops up to 17", andstylish.

Shoulder straps are uncomfortable and a bit awkward.


Details: For a traveling man, this is a great gift! The laptop bag comes in sizes for both netbooks (up to 14") and larger laptops (up to 17"). The theft-proof no-zipper design will protect the items stored within from thieves.

There are more than 10 slots to accommodate all the laptop/work/travel extras, and the backpack opens easily for quick scanning when going through TSA security checkpoints. The foam layer within the backpack will protect laptops from damage and provide cushioning. The backpack itself is water-resistant and comes with a luminous glow-in-the-dark lining—great for hiking as well!

On the downside, the shoulder straps can be a bit uncomfortable due to the awkward design.

Price: For those who want to travel unencumbered, this $40 backpack is a good option. It provides plenty of storage room for travel items and work paraphernalia, but is lightweight and sleek. Plus, makes a wonderful carry-on.

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