Why people love it
  • Both strapless and backless
  • Strong adhesive keeps bra in place
  • Easy to clean
Drawbacks, not dealbreakers

While sizes offered range from A cup to D cup, many larger breasted customers have complained that this bra doesn’t work for them. So unless you’ve got breasts that provide their own “lift”, you may need to look elsewhere.


Support: If you’re looking for support, you’ll want a strapless bra that at least has a backside to it.

Lift: For smaller chested ladies, you’ll love the cleavage and lift you get when using this push up bra. Just keep in mind that if you plan on doing any sweat-inducing activities to wear something else as the adhesive is the only thing holding this bra up (adhesive and sweat don’t mix well).

Comfort: The adhesive on this bra is pretty strong, so as long as you place it on your breasts in a way that works for you, you should be comfortable. Just remember the size restrictions.

Price: Considering you’ll really only wear this bra for special occasions, the adhesive should last you awhile—and give you a pretty good bang for your buck.

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