24% of luggage thefts happen in air! You must secure your luggage while allowing TSA access.

  • Sturdy, TSA-approved lock
  • Set your own combination quickly
  • Designed so TSA can't remove key without relocking

You might be comfortable with the strict airline and security policies for handling luggage in the United States, but you shouldn't assume it's like that everywhere. It's not. Every piece of luggage you travel with, including your carry-ons should be locked for the duration of your flight.

This travel lock from Kolumbo has a few extra features that justify the price. Not only is there a lock-safe feature, but a small light alerts you when TSA has opened your bag. 

What Reviewers Say:

You wouldn't think that a tiny lock would garner many reviewers, but this is one that people cannot seem to walk away from.

  • "I travel a lot internationally, so having locked luggage is absolutely critical. I've had TSA open my luggage and not lock it back up. The lock fell off and someone could have easily raided my luggage. Plus I lost the brand new lock. So the unique Lock-Safe feature - that TSA can't remove their key until they lock it back up - is an important bonus. This lock also seems to have slightly larger numbers than my other Masterlocks, easier to read. Good price for a good lock."
  • "This is a great little lock for anyone who travels. It is very durable and east to see the numbers."
  • "I would highly recommend this lock for any traveler."
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