Knock Knock Vouchers for Love

Best Budget-Friendly Gift for a Girlfriend

Why people love it
  • Non-raunchy coupons
  • Sturdy, high-quality design
  • Promotes love and kindness

Most recipients love these, but a handful of reviewers warn that these coupons are best for live-in girlfriends. Honoring coupons like “breakfast in bed” can be tricky if you don’t cohabitate or spend the night together regularly.


Details: There are different love styles, as you may already know. If you’re the type who prefers to show you care by performing kind acts rather than buying diamonds or designer handbags, this book is perfect.

Recipients rave that this coupon book is romantic without being raunchy, making it a nice alternative to the sex-heavy coupon books we’ve seen online. Coupons include a cuddle session, foot massage, candlelit bath, and movie of choice.

Price: At $8, this is one of the cheapest gifts on our list. If you want to pair it with another inexpensive gift, opt for a bottle of body spray and/or a bouquet of carnations.

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