Knock Knock Personal Library Kit

Best Mother's Day Gifts for Moms that Love Books

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  • This makes an amazing gift 
  • Super cute (and fun to use) 
  • Practical and functional


You won’t get enough for all your books – and you’ll need to order refill sets. 


It’s just like the cards you remember from card catalogue days. Perhaps it’s even better now that everything is online. These library card kids allow you to affix pockets to the back (or front) of the book as you used to do. With the date stamp, this practical gift for book lovers will ensure books make their way home. The card stock is high quality, and the refill sets aren’t terribly expensive (around $6)

Looking for alternative gifts for mom?

If the mom in your life loves her books but isn’t much of a lender, this Little Library Shelf from Anthropology is a stunning way to display favorites in any room of the house. It’s a little pricier ($100), but it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Or, what about this Out of Print Banned Books Matchbox Set ($23)? Yes, they’re matchboxes (with 20 matches in each one), but they’ve been printed with the images of books. Gotta love the irony in the Fahrenheit 451 title, don’t you?

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