Knock Knock Apology Nifty Notes

Best Gag Gift for Valentine's Day

Why people love it
  • Great if your wife has a sense of humor
  • Also great if you [email protected]#$ up a lot
  • Different notes to cover all your bases

It’s smaller than some people expected, so check the specs before buying.


Sentimentality: Unless she joked about writing you up for your bad behavior, this probably won’t lead to a stronger romantic connection. Nevertheless, it’s sure to make her laugh!

Uniqueness: She’s probably not expecting this one.

Practicality: Real Simple had a great suggestion for how to gift this one: “Filling out the first sheet with one of your more recent slip-ups and the reason for your indiscretion ('I forgot you didn’t like that' or 'I’m a schmuck') will guarantee immediate forgiveness and lots of laughter.”

Price: It’s so cheap you may decide to buy more than one.

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