Best Inflatable Air Mattress for Camping Outside

Klymit Insulated Static V Luxe Camping Air Mattress
  • Best air mattress for when you want to camp outdoors
  • Insulated polyester mattress for extra warmth
  • Super lightweight and easy to pack up and carry

When you’re hiking outside all day, the last thing you want to do is spend all night setting up camp and then struggling to get and stay warm while you sleep. The Klymit Insulated air mattress will solve both those problems as it’s easy to carry, easy to inflate, and incredibly comfortable (i.e. warm!)

Some customers have complained about the valves being difficult to open, so be sure to play around with them before taking this out on the trail.


Performance: In terms of camping, this is most definitely the best air mattress for that purpose (at least for camping outdoors). Many customers actually place this extra-long air mattress inside their camping hammocks for extra comfort, though it’s not really needed what with its ability to stay inflated and keep users warm all through the night.

Features: This air mattress was indeed made for hikers and campers. It’s extra-long and includes side rails to keep your body perfectly confined to the mattress pad. It’s easy to pack up and carry around. And it’s just really well-made in general. The only thing you might find annoying is that you have to blow up the mattress by mouth (but, again, that means one less thing you have to lug around with you).

Price: This is kind of expensive for an air mattress, though it’ll likely pay off in dividends if you camp outside often and need a reliable and warm mattress to take along on your trips.


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