Klipsch R6i Headphone
  • Includes carrying case, clothing clip and four patented oval-shaped eartips
  • “i” model features 3 button remote for full control on Apple products
  • These comfortable headphones pack excellent bass and solid highs for the price
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The Klipsch R6i in-ear headphones offer noise cancelling and a mic. These headphones have oval ear tips that provide comfort for hours.

The bass sound can get slightly murky on very bass heavy songs.


What Reviewers Say:

What's not to love about these headphones? You'll find a lot of people raving about these babies.

  • As for sound, the first thing you'll notice is that these are very bass-heavy. Now the S4 line has always been a bass-heavy line, but this is noticeably more. While I'm grateful for the rich bass in songs that are lacking in that department, if you listen to a bass-heavy song, it can get slightly murky and muddy on the low ends. For the most part, it is kept tight and punchy and you really get a great sound. Treble is not too dynamic and depending on your music tastes, I think most will appreciate that. I also think that in general, most will enjoy the quality you get out of these headphones. You hear every little detail and feel every beat.
  • Klipsch are the best sounding earbuds on the market.
  • The R6's have deep and vibrant bass and I absolutely love listening to music with them. By far some of the best ones I've experienced. They also handle treble pretty well, but I think the defining factor would definitely be their bass quality. The noise isolation is also excellent--I can completely tune out my surroundings with these in and the volume generally isn't even turned up very loud.



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