This machine is fantastically quiet (45 dBA) for it's price range and cleaning power. Although this dishwasher only has 2 racks, the upper rack can adjust it's height significantly which makes it rather valuable for the 14 place settings this machine can handle. It features 6 different cycles with a lot of add on features to each one. You'll spend about $31 annually to run this dishwasher with an electric water heater or $23 with a natural gas water heater and it is ENERGY STAR rated. The big selling point of this machine is it's overall performance value in the under $1000 range, but if you can afford slightly more, it may be with it to buy into a machine with a third rack for silverware. And there are machines which you're not likely to complain about for less. Though, you might not get the stability you'll have with this machine.

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