Kiss InstaWave Automatic Hair Curler

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Why people love it

• Creates natural looking curls in minutes

• Features a patented curl direction control and allows you to choose the temperature based on hair type

• Results in shiny, frizz-free curls with each use

If it’s natural, tousled curls you’re after, look no further. The Kiss InstaWave is a patent pending fully automatic styling tool that creates beautiful curls that last all day. This product claims to truly change the way people do their hair at home, resulting in perfect curls, less frizz, and healthier hair with every single use.

Not a viable option for anyone with short, thin, or fine hair.

Performance: The ceramic, ionic technology of the Kiss InstaWave results in healthier, shinier hair in minutes. This innovative styling tool takes the hassle out of curling and results in gorgeous frizz-free curls at the touch of a button. That plus a few turns of the patented spinner, and voila! Gorgeous, tangle-free locks.

Features: Something we really love about this curling is the curl direction control, which allows you to create left or right facing curls. The Kiss InstaWave heats up to 420 degrees, features a power control switch with both high and low temperature settings, and also includes an auto shutoff feature which turns off the curling iron after 90 minutes.

Price: Priced at just under $50, the Kiss InstaWave is seriously a steel. If it's salon quality curls you're after, and at an affordable price at that, the Kiss InstaWave is well worth the investment. 

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