Why do you buy cheap umbrellas when you spend a small fortune on your watch and laptop bag?  It's because you're afraid you'll lose it, right?  It does happen.  It happens more frequently than people will admit, almost as often as not taking on with you because you've forgotten to check the weather.  But now there's Kisha.  This super smart umbrella is connected to your phone.  But that's not all...


Kisha is smart.  It checks the weather forecast to tell you whether you need your umbrella.  You'll get a reminder if you do.  And, once you're out, you'll get a reminder on your phone if you've left your umbrella back at the coffee shop (before you get too far from it).  This super-intelligent umbrella just wants to be in the same building as your phone, and if it becomes disconnected, you'll know.  Of course, it also understands where your home and office are.  If you leave your umbrella there, Kisha won't freak out.  Better still?  Kisha is good looking and resilient and comes with a 3-year warranty to prove it.  Want to know more?  Check out this quick video from Kisha.

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