Kindle Voyage: The New e-Reader

Best Christmas Gift for Readers

Why people love it
  • Battery life that lasts for WEEKS
  • Gives you the "feel" of turning physical pages
  • A Kindle tablet designed for readers who love physical books

High resolution display; adaptive front light; ultra-long battery life; sleek and lightweight, yet durable; haptic response when pages are turned; and text is crisp and clear.

Screen isn't large enough; pretty pricey.


Details: For people who hate reading digital, but don't have space to carry around paperbacks, the Kindle Voyage E-Reader is the perfect middle ground. With its high-quality glass screen and durable magnesium case, it's a great option for him to take on the go.

At 300 DPI, the screen delivers as close to a paper experience as it gets. The text is beautifully clear and crisp, and the adaptive light allows him to read under any condition. He'll love how slim and lightweight it is, not to mention the AMAZING battery life: 14 days between charges!

The haptic (touch) response makes it feel like he's turning the pages of a real book. Definitely a gift for a reading man!

Price: At $220, the Kindle Voyage is one of Amazon's priciest tablets. However, it will feel amazing in his hands and deliver a "true to life" reading experience. So worth it!

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