Best gift for the reader

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader
  • Won't tire your eyes in the dark
  • No glare in bright sunlight
  • Allows you to take multiple books anywhere, anytime

Kindle Paperwhite allows you access to millions of books newspapers, and magazines. With the option of lending books to friends and reading books for free from the public library. It also connects to wi-fi.

Doesn't come with an instruction manual.


Why she'll love it: The main reason she'll love her Kindle is that she'll never again be without a book. Wherever she goes, her library goes with her. And, she'll be able to download books in under 60 seconds—no computer required. It's lighter than a paperback book, so she will be able to comfortably hold her Kindle in one hand for those times when she can’t stop reading. Also, the Kindle Paperwhite won't leave her stuck to an outlet - and a single charge can last up to a month. 

Price: $100 is a pretty high price to pay for a bunch of books, but you're paying for endless possibiltlies and convenience. It's the perfect gift if she travels a lot or always has a book in her hand.


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