Kimono MicroThin Condoms

Most Sensitive Condom

Why people love it
  • Enhance the pleasurable sensations of your lovemaking with this ultra-sensitive condom
  • Amazingly thin without losing durability
  • Easy to slip on; good lubrication

Extreme sensitivity, near-bareback feel, normal color, soft, thin, great for men with long and thin penises, no exposed skin, ultra-thin, durable, scentless, and user-friendly design.

Japanese design makes the condom a snug fit for thicker penises.


Performance: For those who want to enjoy every moment of their sex, this ultra-sensitive condom is worth trying! It's not a truly "natural" feel, but the design and lubrication of the condom heightens sensitivity effectively. Definitely a unique experience, one you don't get from the Crown or Sagami 001.

The condoms are long and thin, so men of greater girth may find them a hard fit. However, the extra length ensures every inch of skin is covered for maximum protection.

Features: The condoms are .05 mm, making them one of the thinnest condoms on the market. They contain no spermicide, and the lubricant is odorless. The reservoir tip enhances sensitivity and prevents accidental breakage. The straight design makes them easy to slip on, but the added length keeps them from slipping off during sex.

Price: At $6 for a 12-pack, these are on the pricey side. You get an amazing feel, however, so they're worth it if you need a condom that offers maximum sensitivity.

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