Best Halloween Costume to Scare the Pants off Your Friends

Killer Clown Complete Costume
  • Incredibly creepy
  • Great costume for scaring friends and visitors
  • Well made from quality materials

This super scary costume comes with just about everything you need to create a serious stir - including a mask. It's also available in plus sizes. 

Watch how much you drink when wearing this costume; it's a pain to go to the bathroom. And, truly, some gloves really would be appreciated. 


This is one of the scariest costumes out there. Let's face it, so many people have an irrational fear of clowns. Then again, perhaps it's not an irrational fear when you think about this. One of the things we love about this costume is that you can pick it up for yourself at the last minute - no need for a team of scary clowns. Then again, that could make an impression as well. Either way, you can use this costume as is or dress it up with a few extra accessories - whatever your budget will allow. 

Rating out of five:

  • Originality: 3
  • Scare Factor: 5
  • Sexy Factor: 0
  • Identifiable: 5

What's it made of? The body of this über frightening Halloween costume is 100 percent polyester. The mask, however, is 100 percent latex. That means your face is going to sweat. Bummer. But, you'll look cool. 

Will you need extra bits? You'll get the black and white jumpsuit with ruffle collar and a full (over the head) mask. You don't get shoes or gloves. You also don't get the frightening bits like a massive knife. Any of those would really make the costume and you should probably plan to spend a little extra on those items (unless you already have some spare props laying around). 

Is it hand wash only? Unfortunately, yes. You could try throwing the jumpsuit in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, but you really are better off hand washing it. And the mask shouldn't be exposed to abrasive sponges; use a soft cloth. 

Will it break the bank? You'll pay somewhere between $27 and $65 for this creepy clown costume, depending on the size you need. If you need a small size, you can easily justify the extras you'll need. Then again, this is a costume that looks great regardless of your figure. Whether it breaks your budget or not depends on the accessories you want, but you could really get away with just the custome. 


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