Killer Clown

Scariest Women's Halloween Costume

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Why people love it
  • Best women’s Halloween costume overall (clowns are so in right now!)
  • Scary but also kind of cute
  • Comfortable costume

Shoes, weapon, and makeup aren’t included, so you’ll have to figure that into the cost of this costume which is already on the pricey side.


Comfort: So long as you get this in the right size (which some customers have warned about), you shouldn’t have any problems with staying comfortable while dressed as a killer clown. Plus, unlike the “sexy” costumes which leave little to the imagination and too much open to the elements, you should stay warm enough in this. 

Longevity: If your goal is to scare the [email protected]#$ out of people with your costume, then you’ll definitely get some good mileage on this costume choice year after year.

Price: It’s pretty expensive. If this one isn’t in your budget (don’t forget about the extras you have to buy), you can always look around at other killer clown costumes available.

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