Why people love it
  • Feels fresh
  • Ideal for normal to dry skin
  • Fast repair for weather-damage

Deep moisture with non-irritating ingredients.

It’s not really a stand-alone product, but it can be used in conjunction with your regular facial moisturizer.


Got a hangover? Been on vacation in the tropics recently? This is easily one of the best heavy-duty facial moisturizers for men that you will come across. Kiehl's is a well-known and respected brand and this is going to be one of the most respected products on your shelf. 

In case you’re wondering, there are no obvious forms of Vitamin A or Retinol in this product. Depending on your skin’s needs and condition, that could be a pro or a con. But, keep in mind that this is best used in connection with a strong SPF, before skiing or grilling for the entire afternoon. And, it’s surprisingly lightweight for what it achieves. Also, Kiehl’s products are not tested on animals, and that feels good too, doesn’t it?

In addition to plenty of vitamin C and E, this moisturizer also boasts a healthy amount of chestnut extract. Although it may sound like a fragrance bonus, it serves a far more useful purpose; it helps the skin to maintain lipids, which is a fancy way of saying it'll help maintain smooth, youthful skin. But, of course, in a manly way and with a masculine aroma.

Who’s It For? This baby is designed for men. Any and all men.

Application: Apply before or after sun-damage. It works best on dry skin or in dry environments; if you’re prone to some oiliness, you may want to avoid it.

Headlining Ingredients: Vitamins C and E, plus chestnut extract.

Texture and Fragrance: Lightweight with an almost (and certainly not overpowering) scent.

Price: $25 for 2.5 ounces ($10 per ounce)..

What Reviewers Say: So, what do men have to say about this product?

  • I don't normally use moisturizing cream, but I bought this after an article I read on the best men's skin care products. It is super refreshing and wakes you up when you put it on. I'm not sure how, but it almost feels like mint hits your skin. It cools, and the cream doesn't leave an oily build up.
  • Makes my face feel soft and smooth. I use it after shaving and before bed and my skin looks 100% better. It does not smell, and it's not greasy or oily. It just feels great when you apply it.
  • Forget all the "vitamin enriched, recovery accelerator" mumbo-jumbo, this product works. It immediately relieves redness or razor burn and leaves your skin feeling like a baby's butt.

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