Kidz Bop CD

Best Gift for a Young Boy Who Loves Music

Why people love it
  • Familiar hits
  • G-rated tunes
  • Keeps kids entertained in the car

There aren’t many complaints, although we did find an angry reviewer who stated that one of the songs says “Oh my God” instead of “Oh my gosh.”


Get your mini music fan moving and grooving with this collection of the greatest hits from Kidz Bop. He’ll love rocking out to hits like “Shake it Off,” “Party Rock Anthem,” and “Call Me Maybe.”

Kidz Bop provides a fun way for your kiddo to enjoy Top-40 hits without sexual innuendos or profanity. This G-rated CD contains 14 tunes to keep him entertained on the road or in his room, and many parents say they love the songs just as much as their kids do.

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